Ossu, fellow otakus and weebs here, welcome to my site where I review and recommend some of the game I play or anime I watch.
I know I know, we are all lazy reader, we all dread wall of text so I decided to make thing easier for the eyes using bullet point and make them short enough to get the point across.
Sometime I might get over enthusiastic and spill some beans about the story or gameplay. If you are worry about spoiler, feel free to jump to the final score and the TLDR section of the review.
We all have different fetish... err I mean likes.. these review are basically my opinion but I will try our best to be unbias.
“The only sure way to find out if the game or anime is god tier or trash tier is to watch or play it yourself.” - I modified this quote from Jaku-Chara Tomozaki-kun.
Anime recommendations will be done seasonally and will only include anime that ended on the respective season. If the anime is 24 episodes or longer it will be pushed back accordingly.
Psst.. I also post memes that I think are relatable or funny on the site quite frequently.
With that said, these are my scoring guideline.
10 - Masterpiece
If you are not watching or playing it, you are missing something huge in your life.
9 - Excellent
These animes or games will leave a good impression. Even though they are not masterpiece they are still exceptional.
8 - Great
Good and enjoyable animes or games and will leave a lasting memory with you.
7 - Good
A bit of hit or miss in quality here and there but they can still give you a good time.
6 - Decent
Okay for one time watch or play and you can still get some enjoyable out of them.
5 - Average
The middle of the road, nothing special. Watch or play if you have nothing else.
4 - Bad
Bland, boring and forgettable.
3 - Awful
Unenjoyable. You should avoid them even if you get them for free.
2 - For Masochist
You love pains and these games and anime will give you one with how awful they are.
1 - Living Hell
If you want to suffer and ask why are you born into this world.
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